Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lowlifes in the Basement #48

Our Lord and Saviour Greg, hardcore punk that will fuck you up and set your fancy car on fire which you paid for with your retirement income, the ghost of GG Allin visits your house while you're out to get the insurance money and your wife blows his dead penis back to life, garage punk rock and roll, our other Lord and Saviour Doug Stanhope (fuck your monotheism), the dirty one man band kicking some soul in your unholy rotten heart, Yoko Ono's vagina gets baptised, sludge metal, Apocalypse Now. All of that in a half hour period. Go fuck yourself.

01. Greg - The Free World - Right (No Such Thing)
02. Confines - Mediocrity Rules
03. Scream - Came Without Warning
04. Blind To Faith - Ashes To Ashes
05. Kickback - The Audience Is The Target
06. GG Allin - Gimme Some Head
07. Charlie & The Moonhearts - You've No Idea
08. Doug Stanhope - Live Life
09. Scott H. Biram - Lost Case Of Bein' Found
10. Ty Segall - Thank God For Sinners
11. Kylesa - Descend Within
12. Melvins - Bricklebrit
13. School Jerks - Ugly Minds, Ugly Faces
14. Birth Deformities - Hate Group
15. Simply Saucer - Get My Thrills

Art theft, Kunsthal Rotterdam

Paul Gauguin, Femme devant une fenêtre ouverte, dite la Fiancée, 1888
Henri Matisse, la Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune, 1919
Pablo Picasso, Tête d'Arlequin, 1971
Meyer de Haan, Zelfportret, circa 1889-1891
Lucian Freud, Woman with Eyes Closed, 2002
Claude Monet, Charing Cross Bridge, London, 1901
Claude Monet, Waterloo Bridge, London, 1901

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Lucian Freud